Sand camping at the sandy shores of Black Sea.

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The article was written 31.1.2007.

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The Black Sea

January 2006. The Black sea is frozen. Everything is white. There is ice is on the beach, on the banks, everywhere. People are gathering to see this unbelievable and unseen phenomenon. We always thought that the salty water can't freeze! January 2007. The sea is black. The waves are breaking down the beach. Courageous people are taking a short bath...into the almost warm sea. Yes! A bath in the sea in the middle of January! It's warm, too warm! You would think it's spring! But it's not. It's still January, and still there are people taking a bath into the Black Sea.

The arrival

Do you enjoy lying on the beach all day long, watching the waves and enjoying your holiday? Then the perfect place for you is the Black Sea. Do you like the sea but you prefer an active holiday, with adventures and tones of excitement? Then the perfect place for you too is the Black Sea. After a night journey by train we open our eyes. It's morning. It's sunny. We see the sea! We're here! The fun can begin.


But first things first. That is the accommodation. If you are with your family, there are plenty of hotels and villas where you can choose from. You can find them directly on the seashore or if you rather walk until the beach, there are also private and quieter places. In each resort you will find an information point where you can receive all the details.

But as we love the sea and we want to be closer to it as possible, we choose to sleep directly on the beach in our tent. There are also camping areas that provide you all the necessary facilities like the one in 2 Mai resort where we camped.

If you like the wild part of the sea and a not so crowded resort, I strongly recommend you 2 Mai resort and La Portita where you feel that there is nothing but you and the sea. Main resorts are situated on the seashore and it is very easy to go from one to the other by train or by buses allowing you to observe the beautiful scenery.


The main activity is sunbathing. But you should respect the schedule for this sport as in the summer it is very hot and it is not recommended to stay on the beach at noon. And don't forget to use sunscreen lotion! So we wake up, we take a walk down the beach through the warm water and then lie down on the sand enjoying the morning healthy sunshine. Around 11 o'clock we get on the bus for Constanta as today we want to visit the Aquarium. After admiring the exotic fish and the sturgeons -the ones that make the real caviar-, we watch the dolphins playing and we move on at the Marina Museum where we can see a lively history of the boats used from early times to the modern tech ones used nowadays. But all these walks made me hungry. Come with me to taste a freshly made fish with garlic and condiments on a garden with view at the sea. You cannot find something better or healthier.

If you are here with your kids and you are afraid they will get bored of too much sun, you can spend a family day at Aqua Magic Park in Mamaia, a recently opened park for all family to enjoy itself. So while you are lying down on a chaise longue, the children will enjoy themselves in the water pools, with amazing runways and permanent supervision. Have yourself a cold drink from the bar and if you are hungry, there are plenty of restaurants and fast foods. Don't forget the friends left at home and buy them a little souvenir from the gift shops.


If you want something more exciting, then come with me for a scuba diving down the wrecks hidden by the sea. If you're not that courageous, we can also sail or go jets skiing. If you are more romantic, we can go horse riding down the beach. If we're not lucky and it is not a sunny day, we can always go bowling and go see a movie. There are so many possibilities and sometimes can be hard to choose. But as I am a little lazy this holiday, I will just walk down the beach in the morning when there is no one there.


After a long day on the beach, we are not tired and we want to have more fun. At the Black Sea you can find a variety of clubs where you can choose from. If you are into house and club music, there are well-known clubs down the beach where international djs come for the best parties: La Mania, Oxxo Club, Kudos Beach or Cuando Republic, Kristal Glam Summer Club. If you are a fan of parties down the beach, each year there is a festival in Vama Veche, called Liberty Parade where thousands of young people gather and dance down the beach all night long. And there's nothing like watching the sun rising from the sea on the rhythms of the trance and chill out music. But maybe you don't like house music! Don't worry! The Black Sea has it all! Vama Veche is a well known rock and roll resort. Each year there is a music festival - Stuffstock - which last 3 nights and where are a lot of rock bands invited. Jam sessions down the fire, nostalgic troubadours walking down the beach, bohemian atmosphere everywhere. You wouldn't even think that on the other part of the shore, in Mamaia resort for example, people are partying on thrilling wild rhythms of drum and bass and techno.

The departure

As hard as it may be, all good things come to an end. On your way to the station, take one last look at the sea and say Good bye until next year. It will be there waiting for us with new and more attractive means of entertainment. I know I always come back with pleasure and all winter long I relive the memories gathered carefully as long with the sea shelves and the sand pouring down my swimsuit.