Canoeing in Vladeasa Mountains, Fantanele Lake, Romania.

Going active. Canoeing in Vladeasa Mountains, Fantanele Lake, Romania.

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Eat traditional Romanian food Romania is famous for its tasty food and wines. Romanian food excels in full-bodied soups, the most popular being the chicken soup, beef, vegetable or bean soup. Tuica, the most popular drink in Romania, is made of plums, apples or peaches. When the locals say "Noroc!" that can be translated as "Cheers!" This article introduces to you Romanian food and gives you tips on eating out Romania.

Get into Romania nightlife Nightlife in Romania peaks in larger cities like Bucharest which has lots of bars and nightclubs. Outside the bigger cities the land is dotted with cheap drinking places and nifty discos. Whether you get a cheap and tasty beer in a student's bar, gamble in one of Bucharest's casinos or go dancing all night long in a posh nightclub, you will definitely get the taste of true fun and spirit of the locals.

Ski in Romania In winter the Romanian ski slopes are taken over by winter sports enthusiasts. Some of the best ski resorts in Romania are Predeal, Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Balea Lac and Azuga. In addition to skiing, they provide facilities for snowboarding, tubing or cross-country skiing. In the last years, many ski resorts have been equipped with modern cable transportation, ski cable and funicular railway facilities.

Explore the folk festivals and traditions Learn more about the folk artisans from Romania that are famous for their masterpieces from wood, textile materials and ceramic. Learn how you can witness folk festivals that take place each year for centuries and which represent powerful manifestations of the local customs like eastern, christmas, New Years day, Martisor day, etc.

Have romantic time with your chosen one Transylvania represents by far the most romantic place in Romania. Legend of Dracula will turn the romantic travel into an exciting one. Sighisoara was considered a shelter for the lovers and is the perfect getaway for many of the romantic travelers. At Danube Delta you may take cruise from Tulcea to Sulina with the person you love and finding accommodation in one of the local's houses.

Follow me to the Apuseni Mountains I am tired of the awful noise of the city. I really feel like I need a break. I need to get out of this crowd! Welcome to Apuseni! Come with me on an unbelievable experience. That's the way I first started. With an experience. Taken by a very dear friend. Now let me be your guide into this mysterious world.

Follow me to the Scarisoara Ice Cave So it's summer. Days are getting hotter and hotter. This year I didn't want to lie on the sand. I wanted something different. So, now we reach the cave. The entrance is covered with snow. Snow! In the middle of August! And there were like 30° C when we began the descent.