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Feel the romantic Romania

Transylvania represents by far the most romantic place in Romania. Even its name can determine you to imagine a land of high mountains, deep forests and fast mountain rivers. From place to place, you will encounter old monasteries made out of wood and ancient castles that will take you back in time, and the best way to perceive it is to enjoy all those beauties with the one you love. The options for spending quality time together with your loved one are endless, winter sport resorts and treatment resorts, trips to the Retezat National Park or romantic tours in the cities with medieval atmosphere and legends with vampires.


Brasov is a fascinating destination that will impress you for sure with its medieval buildings from the 16th and 18th centuries and the friendly locals. Romance is in the air in this city surrounded by green hills, and it is not hard to understand why when you will visit the central square, with buildings with Baroque architecture. The Black Church and the Trumpeter Tower can be great backgrounds while couples enjoy a coffee or just walk through the old streets of the city.

Trying to learn more about the legend of Dracula will turn the romantic travel into an exciting one while visiting the Bran Castle, the castle of Vlad the Impaler, a well-known Romanian historical figure. He is the one that inspired Bram Stoker for the "Dracula" novel, and the surroundings of the castle, starting with the 1480 steps and the haunted atmosphere will indubitable leave the couple memories that will last for a lifetime.

The perfect getaway - Sighisoara city

The perfect getaway: this is what Sighisoara city is for many of the romantic travelers. If you want to visit the best preserved medieval city in Europe and still inhabited, than this the right place. The fortress of Sighisoara, with the churches and the buildings with medieval architecture from the 16th century can be included on the list with the most romantic tourist spots in Sighisoara.

The medieval history of the city is brought back to life during the medieval festival, when the streets are filled with actors, people wearing époque costumes and theatre shows on stages all over the city. It is the kind of entertainment that is best to enjoy in two, for sure. And what can be more romantic than a lazy stroll on the narrow streets of stone that take the tourists at a tower that holds a museum with old clock pieces? Sighisoara was considered a shelter for the lovers who wanted to hid from indiscrete eyes and hide in those narrow streets or better in the "Pupils' Covered Stairs".

But wherever you choose to take your loved one in Transylvania, you will discover ancient traditions and local customs that are still untouched by the modern civilization. And the best way to participate at this simple life and still rich in history and folklore is to spend some time in one of the local's houses, whether you travel in Bucovina, Maramures or any other rural area of the country.

TIP #1 The best way to learn about the local customs and the simple life of the locals is to find accommodation in their homes. You will be surprised to find that the locals are willing to offer you accommodation even for free in the remote areas of the mountains, and this is the best way to get a taste the Romanian life.

Though, there are local pensions that are regulated by the Ministry of Tourism that can offer you the traditional type of accommodation with European conditions. All you have to do is ask around and you will be directed to the locals who offer those kinds of services.

TIP #2 Most of the times, the locals wait at the train stations or coach stations and offer you accommodations at reasonable prices. You can bargain for the best price.

Romanian villages - Relaxing with locals

The Romanian village will lure the romantics in an exciting world where the ancient celebrations, transmitted from one generation to another with a dash of modernism are the main events in the rural life. The valleys and the wild mountains have an invigorating yet relaxing effect on the tourists and they can be considered places where you can escape and enjoy the company of the person you love in the true meaning of the word.

You will step in a world that is less related to the present and relax in the traditional houses of the locals, decorated with furniture and decorative items made by the local craftsmen and modern facilities. The local customs and traditions can be observed in their whole splendor during the traditional festivals or the main celebrations from the year: Christmas and Easter. The rich folkloric culture is easy to comprehend for anyone who has the chance to observe the sculptures on the gates, the colorful popular costumes and the ethnographical treasure of customs, songs and traditional dances.

Monasteries, churches and the Merry Cemetery

It is hard to decide what to see first, but you cannot leave without visiting some of the monasteries and churches from Maramures (Ieud, Bogdan Voda) that have made Romania famous by being included in the UNESCO patrimony. In Bucovina you can also visit a lot of religious locations, such as some of the greatest artistic monuments of Europe, the painted monasteries with exterior frescoes, Voronet and Moldovita.

Another unforgettable location can be the "Merry Cemetery" from Sapanta, with its painted wooden crosses in bright and funny colors. On each cross you can read messages filed with the native Romanian humor about the funny habits of the dead and words from the popular wisdom repertoire.

Flowers under you pillow

If you want to participate at a midsummer festival based on an ancient tradition that can match your romantic side, than come to Maramures on 24th of June. "Sanzienele" is a festival that takes its name from the love and fertility fairies. The locals use to pick "sanziene" flowers, once used in ancient occult rituals and adorn their windows and gates of their houses to protect themselves from evil. It is said that if you are an unmarried girl you can put those flowers under you pillow and you will dream for your chosen one. You can try it too; see if you belong together...

Romania has a diverse geography, and the romantic destinations can be found all over the country, from the mountain areas to the villages from the green hills and the charming beaches and resorts along the Black Sea Coast. The local food, the Romanian exquisite wines and the sea breeze can be the ideal choices for a romantic getaway. Couples can enjoy a vacation in the true Mediterranean style, with white sands, vineyards and roman artifacts or explore the virgin nature from the Danube Delta.

Danube Delta natural paradise

The Danube Delta is a natural paradise that shelters over 300 species of birds and fish, and numerous plants such as oaks and water lilies. The best manner to discover this harmonious land and the strong bond that the locals have with the nature is to go on a cruise from Tulcea to Sulina with the person you love or finding accommodation in one of the local's houses. Relax and rediscover your love by choosing to spend a few days in the Danube Delta, while enjoying the local food based on fish or renting a boat and strolling on the smaller channels.

A travel to Romania will definitely leave any couple with wonderful memories, mixed with the flavor of medieval castles, the modernism of the cities and the ancient traditions still preserved in the rural landscape. It is attractive for the romantic couples just because of the fact that it has a unique culture to elsewhere in Europe, and this is a true kaleidoscope of chances to create a dream vacation in two for tourists all over the world.