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Ski in Romania

Spending few days in a mountain resort can be an unforgettable experience. Along the breathtaking background, the ski slopes in Romania attract a large number of tourists, from novices to advanced ones. The skiing opportunities are completed by activities such as snowboarding, tubing or cross-country skiing.

Ski holiday. In Romania?

Romania has begun to develop in the last 10 years, opening up for the international tourism and allowing tourists all over the world to enjoy its beauties. In winter, when the ski season opens the Romanian ski slopes are taken over by winter sports amateurs. There are many modern accommodation options, ranging from private pensions to luxurious hotels, and you can easily find one that matches your demands. Those who choose to have ski holiday in Romania will find here high quality ski slopes, welcoming people and a wild mountain landscape.

Romania ski resorts

The main point of attraction for the active tourists is represented by mountains such as Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Postavaru, which have at their base modern ski resorts. Some of the best ski resorts in Romania are Predeal, Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Balea Lac and Azuga. In the last years, those ski resorts have been equipped with modern elements adequate or winter sports: cable transportation, ski cable and funicular railway, those are few of the facilities Romanian ski resorts have to offer.

The nature around the ski resorts is amazing, and if you are prepared for tour skiing, the only thing left is to enjoy total freedom while exploring the Romanian mountains. Here are few guidelines for you to decide on which ski resort is the best for your vacation:

Poiana Brasov ski resort

Poiana Brasov ski resort is permanently open for tourists and it can be found at the bottom of the Postavaru Mountains, at a 1030 meters altitude. Here, the snow layer lasts about 120 days a year, and this is a great thing for the main 9 ski slopes. The ski slopes have various difficulty levels, supported by cable transportation and a modern tele-gondole. In case you are a beginner, don't worry as the ski instructors speak fluently English, French or German.

The accommodation options include hotels with all facilities included: bath, kitchen, cable television, phone or internet connection. The nightlife is an active one, and you can choose from many nightclubs, bars, cabarets or folk shows.

Sinaia ski resort

Sinaia ski resort is a place preferred by the local tourists from Bucharest and also by foreign ones. It is located in the Prahova Valley, at the bottom of the Varful cu Dor and Piatra Arsa mountains. There are many entertainment possibilities while staying in Sinaia, and skiing is one of the best. One of the most exciting is skiing on the Carp ski slope. You will start at the 2000m altitude and you will descend at the 1400m altitude, and the experience is pretty intense, I guarantee.

Be careful though, that slope is only for experienced skijors; if you are not sure on your skiing skills, don't try it! For the intermediates, there is the Drumul de Vara slope, and you can go up by using the cable transportation. The real treat is the Dorului Valley: three ski slopes with cable transportation and a final arrival point as a great mountain chalet. In sunny days, you can leave your equipment and lay in the sun; maybe you will get some tan.

Stana de Vale ski resort

Stana de Vale ski resort is situated at an 1102 meters altitude, at 70 km from Oradea city. The great thing is that the winters in the area are rich in snow, and sometimes the snow layer can reach 2 meters. Therefore, skiing is the favorite activity in the area, considering the fact that the snow can last until April.

Paltinis ski resort

You can go at the Paltinis ski resort, located at 32 km from Sibiu city, which is one of the oldest mountain resorts in Romania. The 1442 m altitude is benefic to skiing, without mentioning the tourist spots you can visit in the spare time: The Tourists House, The Medicine's House, and The Monaco Room (those were declared historical monuments, as they were built back in the 19th century).

Paltinis was the first mountain resort ever founded in Romania, at the highest altitude compared to all the other resorts. It can be a god starting point for amazing hiking routes in the Cindrel and Lotru Mountains.

Vatra Dornei resort

The Vatra Dornei resort is famous for the skiing slopes and for the spa facilities, which make it a true magnet for tourists all over the world. It is located at an 800 m altitude, in the north of the country and it has a long tradition in the mineral spring's exploitation, but for the skiing conditions as well. The resort has three ski slopes, two of them crossing the center of the Vatra Dornei city. The latest modernization features refer to a system for producing artificial snow for the ski slopes.

Azuga resort

The Azuga resort can be found between Sinaia and Predeal resorts, at an altitude of 1110 meters. If you decide to come here, you will notice immediately the mountain climate, free of any pollution, tonic for the body and ozonized. The main ski sloes are Cazacu and Sorica, which are equipped with night lighting systems and artificial snow machines. The cable transportation is excellent and their schedule can be prolonged if there are many tourists who intend to use it.

Well, those are few of your skiing options while visiting Romania. Just take your skiing equipment or rent one, and as the Romanians say: "Partie libera!" ("Free slope!").